Bespoke Private Trader Accepting Limited Number of Clients


William J. Taylor

Bill Taylor, Co-founder of Fintegration, brings his financial expertise and an extensive background in the financial markets and alternative investment funds to the table for Fintegration’s clients.   Now writing for FintekNews in collaboration with Nasdaq and CME, he has become a preeminent international authority on investing in fintech, and has published numerous widely hailed articles on investing in bitcoin and fintech indexes.

He has over thirty five years experience in the financial markets, beginning as an original member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and subsequently as a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was also co-founder, principal and CEO of Cornerstone Ventures, a publicly traded securities/futures and money management firm with offices in Chicago & LaJolla. While there, Mr. Taylor oversaw all the firm’s proprietary trading and managed two hedge funds that produced significant above-average market rates of return.

Mr. Taylor is now accepting ONLY one to two separately managed accounts to capture macro trends and events now presenting themselves with elections and global economic events.    

To discuss working with Mr. Taylor on a bespoke trading program, please contact him at bill(at)tlccapgroup(dot)com or directly at 404-324-0410.