Bitcoin Buying Guide

Note from the CEO: Yeah, NOT wait to buy bitcoin in 2017 (because any time to buy is the right time) but HOW to buy the “magic coin”. Super read for all the people who realize the potential of bitcoin.

Everyone by now (??) has heard of bitcoin but may not know enough of the digital currency or how to buy it. This is an easy read on how to get involved and the way to do it.

“Buying Bitcoin can be simple and straightforward. Before buying your first Bitcoin and proceeding with the transaction, get yourself a Bitcoin wallet. Without a Bitcoin wallet, you won’t be able to buy Bitcoins.

Follow this guide and learn how to buy Bitcoins instantly and hassle-free.
Warning: Please take care of your money and your financial privacy. Do your due diligence before sending money to an exchange or seller. If you want to buy Bitcoins, use reputable exchanges and marketplaces only.

How to Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin newbies can be overwhelmed with the number of Bitcoin exchanges, sellers and wallet serves. However, not all of them are reliable. You should always look for exchanges and wallets, that have positive reputation among users. Majority of Bitcoin exchanges require identity verification to prevent theft. Nevertheless, you won’t get total anonymity and security as you will have to provide a copy of your ID to the system. Once your account is activated and verified, you will be able to buy bitcoin instantly.

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