Bitcoin, Apple, Google (Alphabet) or Facebook? Best Performance?

We all know that literally every wealth manager, investment firm and advisor tell their clients to take a long term view of investment decisions. Why? Because they all know you won’t remember their recommendations after a short period of time, and if they are wrong you will always hear “we look out five years.” So, lets go back just two (2) years. In January of last year the stock market had a historical bull run with tech stocks leading the charge. Nice returns, huh? Well, not even close to BITCOIN. You have heard of bitcoin right? Down 80% this year? Going to zero? Uh, not so fast. In the last two years AAPL, GOOGL and FB all had 35%-45% returns, BUT bitcoin is up 200%+ even after this year’s plunge. So, remember that five (5) year investing plan…………………? More details below.
(Bill Taylor/Fintek Capital)

“In January of last year, the U.S. stock market went through one of the largest bull markets in recent history, with technology stocks like Alphabet and Apple achieving record high numbers.

Within the past two years, the stock price of Apple (AAPL) increased from $115 to $165, by 43.7 percent. Alphabet (GOOGL), the parent company of Google, saw its share price surge from $792 to $1,071, by 32.7 percent.
During the same period, the Bitcoin price increased from $1,000 to $3,155, by 215 percent, even after an 85 percent plunge in value.

As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped substantially against the U.S. dollar, outspoken critics against the digital currency have started to claim that Bitcoin will inevitably reach zero by losing all of its value.

However, such a claim disregards the abnormally strong rally of Bitcoin in the previous year during which its value increased by more than 1,850 percent against the USD, from $1,000 to $19,500. In any market, a rally of a similar magnitude is often followed by a long-lasting downtrend and a several-month-long consolidation period.

Every market goes through a bull and a bear cycle. In 2018, the Dow Jones and most tech major stocks in the likes of Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook deleted all of their yearly gains amidst an intense market sell-off…”

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