Bitcoin Arbitrage

Note from the CEO:  Making money with Bitcoins. Profits! Lucrative! Cash! All words we all love. How? Kind of day trading cryptocurrencies with some new platforms. What could possibly go wrong?! If you do this, you better hurry. All new markets are very inefficient for a period of time and then the “fat” is taken away with efficiency.

“First of all, enthusiasts need to keep in mind buying and selling cryptocurrency on a  frequent basis is not without risks. In most US states, and some countries, this makes the person a money transmitter, which may require a specific business license. Without that license, law enforcement agents may come knocking at the door at some point.

That being said, there is good money to be made when buying and selling Bitcoin. Most people would think of daytrading to do so, but there is no reason to “limit” one’s market reach. Using peer-to-peer platforms such as LocalBitcoins can make a very big difference for some people.”

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