Bitcoin ATMs Growing

Note from the CEO:  More ways to buy and access bitcoin. Yup, ATM’s are slowly popping up to a location near you (kind of). A couple new Rockitcoin ATM’s were plopped down in Chicago which is one of the largest bitcoin hubs in the world. We get that. One ATM was placed in Jonesboro, Georgia (??). Go figure. Must be a monopoly thing.

“RockitCoin is working hard to become a market leader in the Bitcoin ATM world. Albeit the company has deployed several machines throughout the United States already, they recently added another four ATMs to the list. This seems to integrate a growing demand to buy Bitcoin with cash in a convenient manner…….

According to the statistics provided by CoinATMRadar, there are now 772 Bitcoin ATMs in operation around the world. More than half – 408, to be precise – of these devices are located in the United States. Competition in that part of the world has been heating up over the past few months, and there are still plenty of locations left to explore.”

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