Bitcoin Futures & The Man

Note from the CEO:  Gold, Soybeans, Pork Bellies and …..”Prosecution Futures”?? Well that seems to be what regulators are seeing bitcoin as. The new technology makes it easy to track funds and, like they say, “stalk (actually it’s follow) the money”. You are on warning Ponzi schemers.

“Regulators have mixed feelings towards Bitcoins, a trend that most people have noticed over the past few years. At the same time, there is a growing number of officials who see Bitcoin and blockchain as “prosecution futures”, due to the technology making it easy to track funds. Whereas many people associate cryptocurrency with criminal activity, the opposite is becoming more apparent every week.

Most law enforcement agencies use the tactic of “follow the money” when it comes to criminal activity. When criminals rely on bank account transfers or remittance solutions, that process becomes a lot easier. But where cash is concerned-  which is still the dominant form of criminal money – things become a lot harder.”

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