Bitcoin’s Shadow Economy

Note from the CEO: If you don’t know about the world’s “shadow economy” (probably cause it’s in the shadows) you should. Aggregated it’s the world’s second largest economy behind the US and growing super fast. Now $10 trillion globally (but since its in the shadows, who knows) and expanding. And, what is the currency being used? Yes, Bitcoin for one but cryptocurrencies of all types make this black market go. Excellent insight and educational.

There is a source of growth for the second economy in the world that is in the Shadows.  How will cryptocurrencies influence this economy (aka System D)?….spoke to Geir Solem, founder and Chairman of the Cryptor Trust group of companies.

Geir is also the Chief Editor of Bitcoin Investor, founder of Elliott Wave Technician and Cornupia Capital Ltd.  and President of the Cryptor Foundation . His specialties include analysis of the financial market using demographics, economic cycles, and Elliott Wave theory / technical analysis. Geir focuses on investment in long-term trends around the world. He engages in the trading of commodities, bonds, stocks, and currencies.

Geir’s company Cryptor Trust is the first, and still one of the few, investment groups in the world to introduce a formal capital structure based on bitcoin, holding bitcoin and blockchain related investments as its main assets as well as expanding into distributed, blockchain-based finance.

CoinIdol:  Cryptor Trust Inc. is an investment vehicle for investing in Bitcoin, Blockchain, FinTech and Crypto related assets worldwide. As people invest more in these alternative cryptocurrencies, how will it change the stock market?

Geir Solem:  The main effect on the world stock market will be more liquidity, diversity and a substantial increase in the number of various participants like investors, listed companies, advisors, analysts, etc. It will also create new stock markets, especially in  the 3rd world. Businesses in the 3rd world will have easier access to capital. The barriers for new companies to be listed and investors to invest will come down.”

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