Bitcoin & (Legal) Drugs

Note from the CEO:  Whoa!! Bitcoins can buy drugs……LEGALLY? We all know a guy who got busted for doing it illegally a while back (remember Silk Road?), so this is certainly validation that prescription drugs and bitcoin are compatible. Plus, a discount from this platform. Now THAT’S news.

“One of the more often heard complaints about Bitcoin is how the cryptocurrency can’t be spent on real-life products and services. Buying prescription drugs, for example, would be a perfect fit for Bitcoin transactions. Up until this point, Bitcoin has often been associated with illegal drug trafficking on the dark web, and it would be good to see the different side of the medallion for a change.

UnitedPharmacies feels they can fill this spot, as the company recently started accepting Bitcoin payments. It is rather odd to see an online pharmacy sell over-the-counter drugs in exchange for Bitcoin to customers all over the world. But at the same time, this also showcases the power of Bitcoin as a global payment method.”

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