Bitcoin’s 2nd Era

Note from the CEO:  Keeping with the bitcoin theme which sort of drifted into the FintekNews thought process today, here is an article that basically says the next year is the ‘second era’ for bitcoin. Meaning, Bitcoin will be dominant and other digital currencies will drift away. Totally agree. Why? Wait till you see what some HUGE innovative firms are up to. Hint; we know so stay tuned.

The author, Akin Fernandez who is also known as Beautyon (like to know that story) is a well informed bitcoin advocate who writes that there will (can) be only one dominant digital coin, and that’s bitcoin. Saying that 2017 will kind of be the second era for the currency and that many radical changes that bitcoin has started will begin to come to accepted fruition and recognition. Next year will be exciting. To prepare, take a short read.

Akin Fernandez, also known as Beautyon, is the owner of London-based bitcoin voucher service Azteco. He is also a writer who has extensively covered bitcoin and related services, and a software developer with 15 years of experience.

In this CoinDesk 2016 in Review special feature, Fernandez gives a passionate and personal overview of the cryptocurrency industry’s year – 12 months that he says prove “there can be only one bitcoin”.

2016 has been a fascinating year, where cellular mitosis has been bitcoin’s guiding model.

The different camps previously in one group or cell have split. There are those who understand bitcoin and remain in its cell, and those that do not, and who are now in their own offshoot cells, “experimenting” on branches that are essentially non-viable.

The market participants who know how everything works, those in bitcoin, understand that there can only be one bitcoin.

There has been some excellent analysis making this crystal clear, and the fundamentally transformative work being done to extend bitcoin is categorical proof that this is true.

Bitcoin is the market winner because it is the first mover and definitive transaction layer. It is immutable not only in terms of the software rules, but the single minded, rational ethos of its protectors, who will not allow any corruption, hysteria or short-term thinking to spoil or endanger the project.”

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