Bitcoin’s Ponzi Problem

Note from the CEO:  So, most people (probably 95%+) have no idea what cryptocurrency is but they are pretty sure it’s a Ponzi scheme. Not unexpected since the natural reaction to something you don’t understand is to think it’s evil and sinister(??). Hmmmmmm, guys do you understand women? That’s a joke, FintekNews readers.

“Getting Bitcoin into the hands of consumers and businesses around the world has proven to be an uphill battle. This is not entirely unexpected, as the general population has a rather negative image of cryptocurrency as a whole. Most people still have no idea what it is, and the number of individuals who think Bitcoin and consorts are Ponzi Schemes remains alarmingly high.

It has to be said, the results of this poll on “cryptocurrency knowledge’ come from a Torrent website. Since not everyone in the world knows what torrents are,  these samples may not represent the entire truth. That Said, the results seem to be in line with how most people see cryptocurrency today.”

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