Bitcoin-Swiss Bank Acct?

Hello! Bitcoin HAS become the new Swiss Bank Account. The only ones that don’t realize it are the ones who still don’t know what bitcoin is. Fewer of them every day.  This is one of the reasons governments and regulators fear a digital currency. They lose power and control. Oh wait, just thinking here, perhaps we should all get a look at politicians cell phones. Hmmmmm, what’s in your wallet.

Switzerland, long a haven for secret banking and numbered bank accounts for the wealthy, has a couple problems. First the regulators in the US (others too probably) have cracked down on those accounts and forced the Swiss to reveal those who have them. Second, new blockchain technology which includes bitcoin is slowly filling the void of needing the Swiss bank account. It’s easy to open a Bitcoin account with virtually no upfront expense and its completely anonymous.

The article points out the Swiss banks are working on bitcoin alternatives to keep pace, but just doing it all by yourself is just as easy. Bitcoin IS the new offshore bank.




By Bill Taylor/CEO-FinteKnews


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