Bitcoin vs Gold (11/28)

FintekNews, in celebration of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) launch of two new bitcoin indexes (BRR & BRTI), is going to compare the price of bitcoin and gold on a daily basis. We at FintekNews have written (and are on record) of saying that bitcoin will outperform gold in the future.**

Bitcoin IS the new gold.

So, bitcoin vs gold daily with some trading ideas. Thank you CME for making the comparison available.

Monday 11/28:        Bitcoin $731.75 *        Gold $1191.00    

* CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate & CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index

Trading thought (11/28): It might make sense to trade gold around bitcoin. Lift the short gold and go long and on rallies reinstate the gold short. Can’t really trade around bitcoin since there is still a liquidity gap. Stay tuned for some ideas.

** Please see articles for reference on pricing below. 

BITCOIN-GOLD UPDATE (Published 10/26/16)

BITCOIN-GOLD: $2K $3K? Published 8/17/16)

Bitcoin vs. Gold Daily Pricing Chart


Bitcoin Close

Daily Points +/- Since Inception +/- Gold Close Daily Points +/- Since
8/17 $575 N/A N/A $1350 N/A N/A
11/25 $734.96 -2.83 +27.8% $1179.00 -9.1 12.7%
11/28 $731.75 -3.21  +27.3% $1191.00 12.0  -11.8%