Bitcoin vs Gold – March 1, 2017 Update

Bitcoin vs Gold CME
Bitcoin IS the New Gold
In celebration of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) launch of two new bitcoin indexes (BRR & BRTI), FintekNews is comparing the price of bitcoin and gold on a daily basis.

  • Trading Notes for Tuesday, 3/1/17:Bitcoin continuing it’s run. Near term target $1300-$1350
  • Gold seems locked around the $1250 area. Seems more downside risk than upside reward.
  • If long bitcoin for a trade you may want to lighten up before SEC decision on bitcoin ETF’s (3/11)
  • Long term it is ALWAYS, LONG Bitcoin/SHORT Gold.   

Bitcoin vs. Gold Daily Pricing Chart

* Prices are from CME’s BRR index as of 4:15 EST; gold as of 4:15 EST near term future
**  Inception began Aug. 17, 2016 (see FintekNews article)

CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate & CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index

We wrote an article (8/17/16) going on the record saying bitcoin will outperform gold throughout the future. The chart above compares the pricing on that date to the two most recent trading days, as reference.  We at FintekNews have written (and are on record) of saying that bitcoin will outperform gold in the future.

Please see following FintekNews articles for reference on pricing in graph:

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By Bill Taylor-CEO, FintekNews & CIO, TLC Capital Group