Bitfinex Resuming Trading

Note from the CEO:  Well, as FintekNews readers know, we have followed the Bitfinex theft saga as it unfolds. So now the “relaunch” is at hand and users should be able to access their accounts within hours (?). And, see their Bitfinex “socialized loss” theft. Hmmmmmm!! Should they stay or should they go, only the users know.

“Many people have been wondering if and when the Bitfinex exchange would relaunch its services in full. Users have been able to access their balances since the beginning of this week, although trading and withdrawing of funds was still disabled. Moreover, everyone now has a clear overview of their reduced balances, which include the 36% “haircut”.

But the Bitfinex team has been working hard behind the scenes to get everything back up and running. The security vulnerability used by the hacker had to be patched first and foremost. For now, it remains unclear what happened exactly or how the bitcoins were stolen. For now, it seems BitGo was not affected at all, albeit there is still significant debate surrounding that topic.”

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