Blockchain Blahs

Note from the CEO:  We at FintekNews share the belief that blockchain applications are a game changer. We also believe that there are some very underwhelming projects that are……well, “iffy”.  This article explores those thoughts.  Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something.

“…..(e)ver since the concept of blockchain technology has been around, two camps have emerged. There are those who believe this technology is the future and those who don’t. Gartner fellow Ray Valdes definitely belongs in the second category, as he strongly feels blockchain is too overhyped at this stage.

Do not be mistaken in thinking he does not see the value of the technology, though. Valdes stated how blockchain is ‘one of the most secure technologies’ he has ever seen.  In fact, he was quite surprised the technology powering Bitcoin lasted this long, despite its immaturity and lack of proper understanding.”

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