Blockchain Conspiracy

Note from the Publisher: Who doesn’t love a good rumor?!  And of all the places, it’s in the blockchain sector, the new technology whose very existence is predicated upon complete transparency and open architecture.  Truly a dichotomy.  Rumor has it that a new Ethereum-based blockchain is taking shape for use within the corporate sector, known as “Enterprise Ethereum”.  It looks like there’s a good old fashioned smackdown occurring in the blockchain sector over which protocol will emerge as the “best”.  Stay tuned.

“A secretive project that would aim to make ethereum more suitable for corporate users is taking shape, according to multiple sources familiar with the project.

Rumored to be called Enterprise Ethereum, the exact nature of the effort remains veiled behind an unusual degree of privacy – especially so for participants who are better known for their work in more transparent open-source communities.

Based on comments from sources, the group – which has the appearance of a broad consortium – intends to remain quiet until it is ready for a forthcoming public launch. Yet, word is already beginning to leak out.

On Thursday, 15th December, a group of startup founders and representatives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions reportedly gathered in New York to discuss the common problems they face when building enterprise applications on ethereum.”

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