Blockchain & Email

Note from the CEO:  Wow, time just flies by. Current email service providers are using obsolete technology. Seems like just yesterday email was the newest hottest thing. But like anything, the infrastructure for email systems is old, vulnerable and subject to cyber attacks. Once again, blockchain may hold the answer.

Just ask Yahoo about vulnerable email infrastructure and the consequences. Here is a very good article that champions the thought that outdated email systems should be replaced with a blockchain-based email. Can’t keep changing your passwords almost daily and don’t get me started on the spam. Great idea.

“After suffering the biggest data breach in history, Yahoo is now urging its users to change their passwords. However, changing passwords is an almost futile exercise. Actually, experts warn that changing passwords frequently might be counterproductive.

To improve email systems while protecting user account data requires a radical change of technology.

Fortunately, a few startups are already doing that. They are transforming email systems using Fourth Industrial Revolution technology.

For example, John McAfee Swiftmail is a mail system that runs on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. 256 bit, end-to-end encryption protects Swiftmail data and renders data interception useless, claims the company.”

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