Blockchain Goes to Washington

Note from the CEO: WOW! Blockchain knowledge comes to Washington. I don’t know whether to be excited or hide in fear. Seriously, an innovation center that can help ‘educate’ and bring awareness of this new technology closer to regulators is a great idea. I still may go hide though.

“Blockchain technology is of great value to any company in the world right now. The concept can be used for other purposes that transcend the financial sector. In Washington DC, a Blockchain Innovation Center has been opened, which aims to attract tech providers, government contractors and agencies………..

Over in Washington DC, the Chamber of Digital Commerce partnered with 1776, a technology incubator. Together, both parties have launched the first Blockchain Innovation Center in the region. This new project will be the backbone of entrepreneurial resources for technology enthusiasts and government staffers in the region. Investing and innovating in blockchain technology is the number one priority.”

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