Blockchain & Google Docs

Note from the Publisher:  WHAT a CLEVER comparison!  We frequently write about blockchain at FintekNews, the underlying technology of bitcoin, and its varied and extensive applications.  However, it is somewhat difficult to conceptualize what exactly blockchain is.  William Mougayar, author of “The Business Blockchain”, has penned a piece that likens it to Google Docs and their sharing features, and this really drives home, in a simple way, the benefits of this technology and helps one understand how many possible applications it could hold.

“The more people understand the blockchain, the more we will see a proliferation of useful cases for it.

Just like any technology, those who invent it have not necessarily thought of all of its applications, which is why I believe that the best use cases are yet to come from a growing number of entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts that have deep expertise in a particular field or domain.

But, the first step is to have a fundamental understanding of how blockchain technology is different from what we are currently doing today.

Almost everything in life is about taking evolutionary steps.

Even the brightest startups need to understand the behavioral switching psychology of their users (eg Facebook understood the concept of sharing), while large enterprises need to prepare for the ambitious management challenges they’ll need to navigate to get blockchain projects moving.”

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