Blockchain & The Government

Note from the CEO: A SUPER IDEA. Here is the very ultimate application for blockchain technology; Government. Oh yeah, complications, dreaming and all that, but maybe this election cycle will get people thinking. Great thoughts.

“Watching this election season fuels my desire to introduce a blockchain solution to wipe away the pain I suffer because humans can easily exploit the privileges we grant them. There is no audit trail to track their dealings. There is no audit trail to track their performance. There is no audit trail to track their official actions. The timeline of governing is not able to record and track their sworn duty.

Government is a process. Every process is a composition of states. The complexity of the relationship of states and dependencies are beyond any human monitoring and oversight. The system is so large, complex, and dynamic that fraud and abuse is incentivized by its sheer size and nature. Wrong doing is easily cast as confusion and innocent mistakes or just swept away far from public scrutiny.

A blockchain driven government where the blockchain is law can refactor Government into the dream envisioned by the majority of society by enforcing accountability, visibility, and consensus on judgement.”

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