Blockchain Stock Impact

Note from the CEO:  Finally, with all the coverage of the fintech “revolution”, a study on the impact of blockchain on some existing participants and their stock performance. Nice to see Credit Suisse doing this (legitimizing) and utilizing NASDAQ (same). FintekNews just wants to point out that the new technology is only a small footprint at some of these firms and many other factors make stocks move. Sure they thought of that, right?

“New research from financial services giant Credit Suisse seeks to analyze the impact of blockchain on 14 existing market participants and their stock performance.

Written in response to investor questions, companies examined include major exchanges (the Australian Securities Exchange and Nasdaq), incumbent business process facilitators (Computershare and Equiniti) as well as financial services providers (Experian and JPMorgan).

The 135-page report, released today, highlights four areas where the technology can potentially lead to disruption – payments, capital markets, financial services and media. Ultimately, however, the report concludes the stock performance of select firms in these categories will not be significantly impacted.”

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