Blockchain in 2017, V2

Note from the CEO: Must be getting close to the new year since there are a lot of articles popping up with 2017 predictions, how to’s and ideas. Pretty soon we’ll get the gym memberships and diet programs. Hmmmm. Does blockchain work on weight watchers?

The year 2016 is almost in the rear view mirror and so many new applications for blockchain technology have made their way into the mainstream with innovation sprouting up all over. Here are some forward looking thoughts to prepare “the world” for new exploits in the blockchain industry. Bring on 2017.

The year 2016 has been a very active year for the Blockchain with several ideas and innovations flooding the industry. We have seen different creations by a lot of companies emerge, all presenting their functional real case uses for the disruptive technology.

Governments and banks have also not been left behind in the developmental processes of the Blockchain, as we have seen a number of tests and implementation of the Blockchain at these levels.

Reviewing the year ending 2016, principal consultant at Bankcoin Reserve Pty Ltd, Thomas McAlister, says that we have seen great exposure for Blockchain technology. According to McAlister, this exposure was mainly motivated by the race for market capture, as many companies made efforts to showcase their product within this emerging industry in order to achieve meaningful followership as early as possible.

Proof of Stake role to increase

McAlister thinks that 2017 will be a year of patent litigation and heavy negotiations as the dust begins to settle and pieces of the puzzle start becoming adjusted. McAlister believes this necessary for the industry to assume a proper formation………

Governments talk Blockchain

With the increased awareness of the technology and pressure to provide a legal framework, governments have begun taking a closer look at what a Blockchain is and what it can do for them………..


Cassidy observes the perceived overwhelming trend of ICO’s that poured into the Blockchain ecosystem, describing the phenomenon as hitting a new level of hype and awareness in 2016……………

Smart, but not brilliant contracts 

Cassidy……says that for many in the industry, the incidence was a watershed moment which brought about a controversy and ultimate decision that some feel goes against the very ethos of decentralization…………….

Mainstream awareness 

The increase in Blockchain awareness is also a development which Cassidy sees as significant………………….

More of the same?

As far as what the community can expect from the Blockchain space in 2017, Cassidy predicts a continuation of mainly the same processes…………

Talent and regulation

He says that the education will naturally filter down and help out the talent recruitment as more and more people enter the space……..

Cassidy concludes by stating his belief that there will be more regulatory involvement in the realm of ICO’s as currently, many investors who take part rarely possess the requisite knowledge about the technologies being promoted……..”

Source: CoinTelegraph