Blockchain in 2017, V1

Note from the CEO: So, what’s up for 2017? Well lots I’m sure what with New Year’s resolutions and all, but how about blockchain. Here are some thoughts on how that framework is going to have an impact. Some things to think about before you join that health club to shed those pounds.

“Blockchain is transformative. It has this massive potential to alter the economic framework, bringing it in line with the age of the internet. What’s been holding it back thus far has been the confusion as to what we’re actually talking about when we talk about blockchain and how it can be applied…..

Banks around the globe are setting up sandboxes to test and see how blockchain can be implemented within their core business. While it’s tempting to assume that banks are slow-moving beasts at the tail end of the technological adoption curve, this isn’t really the case. They’re early adopters for blockchain testing at the very least, but of course it will take time for them to adapt……..


The real opportunity is in blockchain’s potential real-world impact on businesses outside of the financial and banking industries. There’s less regulation there, so it’s much easier to adopt…….

Here’s a quick example: a program called WeChat is an all-in-one social media platform that’s very popular in Asia. Its capabilities are like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Skype, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, combined (to name just a few)……”


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