New Start Up Platform

Note from the Publisher:  Funderbeam has raised $2M in funding to help start-ups raise capital from Angel investors via the blockchain, utilizing bitcoin tokens.  So far, they are European-centric and still in early stage launch mode, but this story only demonstrates the coming blockchain tsunami in financial markets and the far-ranging implications.  Funderbeam is headquartered in Estonia.

“A year ago, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn and Funderbeam co-founder, Urmas Peiker, had a vision of a blockchain-trading platform designed for new startups looking for angel investors. They envisioned a service to give these new ventures a leg up before they go public or are sold.

A year later, incubator Funderbeam has launched its innovative trading platform for startups saying it is  “the first time in history where startup investments are being traded using blockchain technology.”

Funderbeam’s goal is to change the game for early stage investors, making it their own choice as to how long they want to hold on to their investments. By using the Bitcoin blockchain to “tokenize” the investments, Funderbeam wants to make trading secure, efficient, open and transparent.”

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