Japan’s Bond Blockchain

Note from the CEO:  Who better than a Japan based securities firm to test a blockchain bond trading system. Why you ask? Well, Japan has issued a HUGE amount of debt over the past few decades and bonds from the land of the rising sun are massively traded. So, teaming up with IBM to use the Hyperledger Fabric for a new type of bond trading platform makes sense and could be a game changer. For sure, liquidity will not be a problem.

“Japan’s SBI Securities is working with IBM to test the use of blockchain technology for a new type of bond trading platform.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric, SBI says it will test the use of blockchain tech for the entire product lifecycle of a bond until reimbursement.

The firm also wants to see how sharing databases can improve the efficiency and automation of operations, how infrastructure costs can be cut and how blockchain can be used for securities operations and systems.

IBM will give SBI Securities access to its Tokyo Bluemix Garage for blockchain as well as research and consulting expertise. Once the testing is over, the plan is to then make the technology for securities operations commercially available.”

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