Blockchain, My Ass(ets)

Note from the CEO:  At FintekNews, we are always eager to help and share new information that may be informative and insightful to our readers. So asset managers, study up. Here are some great reads on how blockchain WILL transform the asset management industry. Read up (winner) or ignore (non-winner…….really it’s loser, but we are PC). 

“There is a growing consensus that Blockchain technology is the ‘real deal’. Although it may be over-hyped, it is here to stay, and has the potential to transform the way the asset management industry will work in the future, creating winners and losers.

In the last few months some great papers have been written on the topic, arguing that Blockchain could provide genuine opportunities for asset managers to make significant cost savings and serve clients better. It is unclear whether the change will be evolutionary or disruptive, but there is a consensus that change is coming. Senior executives in asset management need to ensure that their organisation gets to grips with this distributed ledger technology and positions itself accordingly.”

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