Blockchain, Once Again

Here’s that word again; BLOCKCHAIN. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t smell it and probably can’t understand it. So what’s the big deal? Well, it’s just changing your everyday life that’s all. It’s kind of like eating healthy, it’s good for you.

Although not a buzzword like “the cloud” or something like a smartphone you can pick up and use, but the technology that makes our daily lives easier and better has a word too. It’s known as blockchain and the blockchain technology is what makes our new digital lives work. We love articles like this that explain things we don’t know about.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Blockchain isn’t a household buzzword, like the cloud or the Internet of Things. It’s not an in-your-face innovation you can see and touch as easily as a smartphone or a package from Amazon. But when it comes to our digital lives—every digital transaction; exchange of value, goods and services; or private data —blockchain is the answer to a question we’ve been asking since the dawn of the internet age: How can we collectively trust what happens online?

Every year we run more of our lives—more core functions of our governments, economies, and societies—on the internet. We do our banking online. We shop online. We log into apps and services that make up our digital selves and send information back and forth. Think of blockchain as a historical fabric underneath recording everything that happens exactly as it occurs. Then the chain stitches that data into encrypted blocks that can never be modified and scatters the pieces across a worldwide network.

Blockchain always has an immutable “ledger” that you can see, verify, and control. At the same time, it has no single point of failure from which records or digital assets can be hacked or tampered with. Because of its distributed-ledger technology, blockchain has applications across every kind of digital record and transaction. And in 2017 we’ll begin to see them explode.”

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