Blockchain Regulation Challenges

Note from the CEO:  Go lobbyists, go lobbyists. So who said fintech replaces jobs. Here we are with a whole new growth field and very lucrative ones too. Soon many “new” experts will find their way into lobbying regulators which should actually relieve some confining new regulations.

“Promoting fintech and blockchain is not an easy task these days, as there is a lot of opposition around every corner. Some of the industry experts feel these companies and startups need to step up their marketing game, instead of lawyering up. An open dialogue between lobbyists and regulators is always preferable, but things seem to take very long before a result is achieved.

How Lobbyists Can Help Startups Overcome Regulation………(t)hat is a tough answer fintech and blockchain startups are struggling with right now. One of the primary aspects of getting excited about either industry is a solid marketing tactic. Investors do not need to fully comprehend the technology to see the potential of a new startup. At the same time, they will need a basic understanding of what their potential unicorn will be doing exactly.”

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