BlockEx and Football Media partner to bring blockchain-based fan engagement solutions to sports teams

BlockEx and Football Media have an announced a partnership to deliver club-brandable Initial Coin Offering and digital token trading exchange services to sports clubs, their fans and advertisers.

A winning team for fan engagement

Dean Akinjobi, CEO at Football Media, said “Reinvention of fan engagement is at the heart of keeping football as the leading global game – so we’re excited that our venture will be at the forefront of driving the next revolution. Through our unique joint solution, sports clubs will be able to increase revenue by launching fan-engagement utility tokens that can be traded between fans.”

Adam Leonard, CEO BlockEx added “BlockEx and Football Media are a winning team. BlockEx brings an ICO platform with different trading skins, all which sit on a shared liquidity model. This makes it an excellent fit for sports franchises to create instant vibrant marketplaces to drive deep fan engagement. Football Media bring a platform and expertise to reach audiences of over 100 million sports fans a month for ICO token purchases and trading.”