Blueshift Research and Intro-act Merge New Fintech Combines Research, Corporate Access, AI in Wake of MiFID II

NEEDHAM, MA, November 14, 2017: Blueshift Research, LLC, an established institutional investment research firm and Intro-act, LLC, a corporate access fintech have merged. The companies will combine business operations in the coming weeks, and jointly focus on solutions to each of the three stakeholders in the capital markets – corporate investor relations professionals, institutional investors, and research providers including brokerage firms.

MiFID II EU regulations are weeks away, disrupting interactions between the three stakeholders within capital markets worldwide. The traditional capital markets model has brokers monetizing a bundled service playing match-maker between corporates and investors – offering liquidity, domain expertise (research) and intelligence on asset pricing. MiFID II unbundles the capital markets model requiring brokers to separately monetize each service, and investors to price each product/service consumed. “There are multiple implications of MiFID II regulations,” said Peter Wright, Founder of Intro-act. “In corporate access IR officers are actively sourcing new investors, and institutional investors large and small no longer have access to an abundance of ‘free’ Street research. The landscape is about to change.”

The company’s product suite includes:

• Intro-act, AI-powered corporate access for IR executives that matches you with the investors most likely to buy or sell your stock in the next 90 days.
• Blueshift Research, independent insights used by some of the largest investors in the world. Blueshift clients will receive Intro-act access gratis, and particularly benefit as algorithms are applied appropriately within the Blueshift methodology.
• Intro-act Partners, for select firms looking to offer their clients strategic research and machine learning insights under a co-branding strategy.

“We are excited to complete the merger after a successful 18-month proof of concept project,” said CEO Bill Jenks. “We transformed our business from a high-quality primary research firm addressing limited end markets into a dynamic financial technology company applying machine learning to multiple end markets.” “I’m delighted to be involved in this dynamic new platform that will disrupt the corporate IR space. The pairing of Intro-act’s AI-driven corporate access with Blueshift’s institutional research expertise is a winner,” said David Baum, Managing Director of Stage 1 Ventures and lead investor in the newly-merged entity.

Intro-act improves trading and growth strategies across multiple capital markets:

• Corporates: A better ROI for investor access events – smarter targeting, more investors
• Investors: Efficient access to corporates and research providers on demand with integrated business intelligence software to efficiently prepare for last minute meetings.
• Broker-Dealers: Better lead generation – know the investors and corporates most likely to be interested in consuming your expertise with real-time recommendations.

For more information contact us at 617-454-1088, [email protected] or visit the Intro-act website,