Boozin’ & Crowdfundin’ 2.0

Note from the Publisher:  We’re enjoying building our ongoing series, and “Boozin’ and Crowdfundin'” is the latest in that installment.  Our other main one is “Bitcoin Jailbird Released”.  So we seem to be seeing trends here, folks.  Anyhoo, this is a pretty fun story.  Brewdog, which launched in Scotland in 2007 – with 2 guys and a dog – is now looking for $50M in a Reg A+ crowdfunding campaign labeled “Equity for Punks”.  We LOVE their irreverant marketing.

“BrewDog, Scotland’s largest independent brewer, has launched its US equity crowdfunding offer following years of success in raising capital from its consumers in the UK. BrewDog was founded in 2007 by two guys (and a dog) in the back of a van. The founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie, have never looked back going from UK success to international phenom.

DogBless America -BrewDog, The “Equity for Punks” crowdfunding campaign is an iconoclastic PR blitz that has generated broad appeal for its unique marketing approach. In a release, BrewDog said its expansion had the US firmly in its cross-hairs as it launched a funding round to raise up to $50 million from both large and small investors. This Equity for Punks offer is the 5th of its kind and the first in the US.

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