Boulder Coffee Shop Beats Starbucks & Goes Entirely Cashless

Alpine Modern

We lived in Boulder for a spell back in the late ’90s, and let me tell you, it was both wonderful and weird, and we loved it.  That said, Boulder has always been akin to the West Coast as being amongst the “first adopter” mindset.  So along comes word that Alpine Modern, a coffee shop there, has decided NO MORE CASH!  Don’t want it.  Go to Starbucks if you want to use dollars (they didn’t say that actually, we’re just driving the point home).  Now, many of us probably carry far less cash than we used to (we do), but still, it is a bit sobering to learn that it is no longer wanted.  We suspect this trend will continue to grow.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

BOULDER, Colo. – A Boulder coffee shop is doing away with cash transactions starting next year.

The owners of Alpine Modern in Boulder say the move toward a cashless business is about saving time, creating better customer service and also cleanliness.

We wanted to speed up our line and we wanted to reduce the labor of counting cash,” said Alpine Modern co-owner Lon McGowan.  “In fact, that [handling cash], was probably the biggest reason that we did it.”

McGowan said the response to going cashless has been positive and banking experts Denver7 spoke with said the trend is the way of the future with financial technology services like Apple Pay or even Bitcoin becoming more and more ingrained into our daily lives…”

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