Brexit Causes North Dakota to Secede and Seek EU Membership

Note From the Publisher:  Our crack editorial team is once again at it – this tiime unearthing a (wholly fictional) story about North Dakota’s desire to join the European Union in light of the space recently vacated by the UK, which as we know, is highly active in the fintech sector.  Enjoy and pass along to your (off kilter) friends!

Bismarck, North Dakota:  The state legislature of North Dakota today overwhelmingly voted to secede from the U.S. and immediately apply for membership in the European Union (EU). Citing a huge influx of inquires from corporations based in London wanting to leave the UK and relocate to Fargo, the governor said he had no choice but to pursue this action. The governor also began classes for North Dakotans to learn to speak proper English. Cheerio blokes.