Brexit/North Dakota Takes New Twist

A few days ago the crack editorial team at FintekNews ran an exclusive story that North Dakota was going to secede from the US and seek EU membership. Well, our intelligence team has just learned that South Dakota is in talks to join the UK when they leave the EU, thus possibly replacing Scotland that wants to leave the UK and join the EU. (Did everyone follow that…… complicated, and don’t get us started on Italy!)

South Dakota feels it is a much better option than its northern neighbor to attract displaced London businesses because, for one, it is further south and warmer then cold North Dakota.  Also, should the royal family wish to spend time in a southern (kinda) climate, the world famous Corn Palace would be a perfect “home” for them (for those that have not been to SD and the Corn Palace, shame on you).  Buckingham Palace is SO last several centuries ago!!

South Dakotan’s are so excited at the prospect of the Queen, Kate & William, and the kids spending time in their state (er, country) that parliamentary law is now being taught in all the public schools.

I say, good chaps, look at those plains.