Bud, The Fintech App

Note from the CEO: This Bud’s for you (just can’t resist). Actually it’s an app that lets users re-bundle ALL your fintech apps into one. Sounds like a folder to me, but a fintech folder at that. As we have always stated, FintekNews tries really hard to concentrate on US fintech news but those UK folks come up with some pretty cool things. This is one. Let’s have a Bud.

A multitude of startups, from new challenger banks, payments companies to chatbots, are betting on the premise that whenever there’s disruption — in this case, following technological and regulatory changes, a plethora of new fintech companies are unbundling various parts of the banking sector — it inevitably leads to fragmentation. And then what eventually follows is convergence.

Enter: just-launched Bud, a web and mobile app that aims to make a ton of different financial services accessible from a single interface.

Part personal finance dashboard, part fintech marketplace, you log in via the app to various supported current accounts, savings accounts and other financial products you currently subscribe to, such as money transfer, from which you are able to get a consolidated view of all of your spending and budgeting trends.”

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