Capgemini Announces Global Fintech Initiaitve

Note from the Publisher:  Fintech, fintech, fintech.  Those of you who regularly read FintekNews know WE are ALL about fintech, and it’s meteoric growth and adaptation worldwide.  Turns out the consulting world sees it, too.  Consulting behemoth Capgemini has announced this week that it is launching a MAJOR fintech initiative to attract new clients in the realm.  To that end, they’ve developed a unique incubator model to facilitate technological innovation for their customers. 

“Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, today announced that it is launching its global FinTechinitiative to fast track FinTech engagements with its global financial services clients. Capgemini’s FinTech initiative will bring together its domain and integration expertise to scan, select, and evolve FinTech innovation for its clients, through an intense curation and collaboration process, planned to be conducted at Capgemini’s global network of Applied Innovation Exchanges (AIEs), discovery centers and related assets……

Capgemini’s FinTech initiative is unique in that it’s intended to extend beyond the traditional incubator concept to encompass connection, curation, incubation, and investment stages. The initiative will differentiate Capgemini as an active participant in the process of validating and evolving the core value propositions of participating companies in collaboration with clients. Additionally, it will address one of the biggest challenges in integrating external innovation by bridging gaps in adoption. These gaps could include tech integration, data management, process changes, and compliance and regulatory requirements.”

Source: Capgemini