New Family Office Investing Platform Capitama

Who doesn’t want more alpha? Well, probably people outside the investment business and folks reaching for a second helping of turkey (Thanksgiving ya know), but wealth managers, family offices and private investment offices sure do. And, here is a possible way to grab some more of that alpha stuff.

With more and more capital being allocated via direct investments in private markets such as real estate and private equity, family offices recognize that those markets can generate greater alpha but pose a problem. Those investment deals must be sourced, vetted and truly scrutinized and without an in-house team to do the analysis, those investments are out of reach. Of course adding a full team is expensive and brings another whole set of problems.

Solution: With all the new technology available (see, all fintech isn’t scary) a new online platform – Capitama – is now available for family offices and the investment community to essentially outsource all those pricey in-house functions. This is truly technology working for the sophisticated investment sector and opening doors to more alpha-generating opportunities.

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Posted by Bill Taylor, CEO-FintekNews