Chalice Financial Network Deploys Accelerated Growth Towards Enhanced Savings For Independent Advisors With New Pricing Structure

Members Now Pay Reduced Fee of $99.99 Per Month with a Money-Back Guarantee They Will Recoup the Cost of Joining by Using the Services on the Chalice Marketplace

More Affordable Price Is Backed by Popular Demand Among Hundreds of Advisors Across the Country Who Attended CFN’s Successful Five City Roadshow

SAN DIEGO, April 9, 2019 — Chalice Financial Network™ (“Chalice,” “CFN” or “the firm”), a first of its kind Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based member benefit organization for independent financial advisors, today announced that stronger than expected start-up performance in its first quarter has enabled Chalice to boost cost savings for its advisor members.  The increased cost savings are being delivered through both a lower monthly fee as well as a money-back guarantee that advisors will recoup membership fees with the discounted industry-leading solutions available on CFN’s single sign-on digital marketplace, consistent with the company’s mission of serving as “the Amazon Prime for independent financial advisors.”

Keith Gregg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Chalice Financial Network, said, “Since our Grand Launch in January, Chalice Financial Network has significantly exceeded its initial goals in terms of brand recognition, membership and our prospective members pipeline.  This accelerated growth enables us to immediately make good on our promise to continuously deploy our growing scale and resources towards enhanced cost savings for independent financial advisors who join us as members.”

Mr. Gregg continued, “The tremendously strong reception across the country that we have enjoyed since our launch validates Chalice Financial Network’s unique approach.  There is enormous pent-up demand among independent financial advisors from all firms and business models for access to deeply discounted, top third-party solutions on a fully ‘unbundled’ basis, free of the ‘all or nothing’ affiliation agreements that are typical throughout the industry.”

During CFN’s successful Five City Roadshow, the organization connected with independent financial advisors from across the country about their needs and goals. Driven by the growth these roadshows have fueled, as of April 1, the Chalice Financial Network is now able to roll out a new pricing structure that translates increasing scale into immediate economic upside for its members as follows:

  • Flat fee of $99.99/month for new Members
  • Optional refund for those who do not save the price of joining within three months
  • Members must have used a service on CFN’s digital marketplace to qualify for a refund:
    • Discounted group health insurance for advisory practices
    • Complimentary lead-generating website through ProSites
    • Proprietary tools through complimentary membership to Succession Link
    • 50+% discount on Office Depot products
    • Or any other CFN service
  • Online Savings Calculator and Snapshot tools track CFN’s value for Members

Mr. Gregg concluded, “Success begets success, especially when it comes in the form of growth that drives our ability to continue to expand our membership, and deploy the benefits of ever-increasing scale towards immediate economic upside and enhanced services selections for our members.  Our new pricing structure underscores the strength of our value proposition for independent financial advisors at every stage of the business life cycle, and our ability to deliver on the promise and potential of our platform.”

About Chalice Financial Network™

Chalice Financial Network (“Chalice”) is a San Diego-based, leading provider of third-party technology, asset management, wealth management and business enterprise solutions for independent financial advisors across the country, delivered through an exclusive membership structure.  Chalice is the Holy Grail for Wealth Advisors™ due to its ability to aggregate and integrate all the tools and technology, products and services a wealth advisor needs throughout the lifecycle of a successful independent business, by accessing Chalice Advisor Exchange™, its single sign-on shared services digital marketplace and fintech platform. For more information, please visit