Charismatically Speaking

Note from the CEO:  Although not a fintech news story we wanted to share this as it certainly plays a role in everyday life.  It is a very good read and offers ways to be perceived as charasmatic other than running around naked, smiling and introducing yourself to amazed people.  FintekNews wants to be the charismatic newsletter/website for all our readers.

Do you live a life of quiet desperation, as Henry David Thoreau commented. He continued that these people go to their grave with their song still within them. I think it is time to start singing your song today. It is hard to be heard from the grave. So let’s get our there and be seen and heard by all who will choose to hear.

If given a choice, would you rather be a boring person or a charismatic one? For most, if not all, the obvious choice would be a charismatic person. I assume you would like to be the person others seek out to hear what they have to say on a variety of subjects.”

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