Chatbot Job Threat

Have time for a chat…….bot? We at FintekNews have been well aware that robots are working into the workforce and replacing jobs, but now chatbots may even just replace…..YOU! Now hold on. I can answer my own phone, read and send my own emails and talk to my friends all by myself. So, let’s just see if that cute guy/girl wants to go on a date with a chatbot. Betting not.

New technology, and the application of this technology, is expanding at a frantic pace globally. How can someone keep up with all the information that is constantly being put forth? Chatbots may be a very helpful tool in a person’s everyday life. Chatbots can schedule meetings, doctor’s appointments, etc, check and respond to emails, organize information and, frankly, make a person’s daily life easier.

There are so many applications available (speech recognition is one) that chatbots will allow users to not only keep up with current tasks but also help anything that may come along………tomorrow.


By Bill Taylor/CEO-FinteKnews