CITI Releases New Research on Disruptive Innovations

Note from the CEO: Hmmmmmmm!!!! Disruptive innovations OR innovations that are disruptive. Either way Citi’s global research team has found 10 of these new ways to “adjust” your life. Like we at FintekNews are constantly finding, there is no end to the disruptive applications. Or, innovation.

“Smart Box, Big Data, robotics and contextual commerce are some of the newest concepts that could potentially disrupt the marketplace, according to a new report by Citi.

In a paper titled ‘Disruptive Innovations IV,’ Citi’s global research team analyzes ten disruptive innovations that are likely to impact our lives.

Big Data disruption: Big Data, software, and analytics are creating “seismic shifts” in the multiple sectors. The transformation will affect the entire value-chain and should make current business models in many sectors become obsolete. Greater automation and optimization through data and advanced analytics on software platforms should raise market efficiency.”

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