Coinbase Buys Crypto Payments Firm

Here’s how the headline SHOULD read;  Coinbase Pays $100M Signing Bonus to New Chief Technology Officer.  At least Coinbase got the whole company ( that their new CTO was working for. Seems’s co-founder and CEO, Balaji Srinivasas, was also a previous general partner at Andreesssen Horowitz before landing this new CTO gig. Oh, what does do? They pay users in digital currency to “respond to emails and complete certain tasks”. $100M? I can do “certain tasks” for half that. Interesting.
(Bill Taylor/Managing Editor)

“Coinbase Inc. purchased, a business that allows users to get paid in digital currency when they respond to emails and complete certain tasks. co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Balaji Srinivasan, who was previously general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, will join Coinbase as chief technology officer, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange said in a blog post Monday.

The terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed, but Axios reported earlier this month that the companies had discussed a purchase price of more than $100 million.”

This story was provided by Bloomberg