CoinMarketCap Partners with Flipside Crypto to Distribute Crypto Project Health Data

MarketWatch, TheStreet and Stocktwits have also begun publishing FCAS, a Fundamental Crypto Asset Scoring system.

BOSTON, March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CoinMarketCap and Flipside Crypto have partnered to distribute FCAS – a simple way to track and compare fundamentals and the health of crypto projects. The popular cryptocurrency information site will be displaying FCAS as an alternative measure for cryptocurrencies currently listed on the site. In addition, MarketWatch, TheStreet and Stocktwits have also begun distributing the scores.

FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS is produced using primarily blockchain transaction data and developer activity to characterize cryptocurrencies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CoinMarketCap, one of the most important data providers in the cryptocurrency landscape, as well as financial publishers TheStreet, MarketWatch and Stocktwits to distribute FCAS,” said Flipside Crypto CEO, Dave Balter. “Retail and institutional investors flock to these platforms to access sophisticated data about financial instruments, and have been hungering for a way to better understand cryptocurrencies. Adding FCAS data will provide their customers a simple, easy-to-understand format for tracking cryptocurrency projects beyond price.”

Flipside Crypto began producing and backtesting FCAS in early 2017.  FCAS data is now available through Flipside’s suite of analysis tools including Kepler, a Portfolio Tracker designed for investors who seek to track changes in FCAS over time across their investment portfolio, and Hubble, a dashboard for gaining deeper insights into specific projects and entire blockchains.

“As the crypto data authority, we believe in continuing to add data that would be of value to our users and customers,” said Brandon Chez, CEO, at CoinMarketCap. “Flipside’s FCAS rating system will provide an additional element of insight into the fundamental health of projects for evaluating any cryptocurrency. We believe this will be a valuable research metric for our users, on top of our price and volume data.”

“The Stocktwits cryptocurrency communities are vibrant and constantly searching for more useful data to evaluate cryptocurrencies,” said Ian Rosen, CEO of Stocktwits. “FCAS is the first rating system we’ve seen that can actually provide customers with clear, actionable insights.  We’re putting FCAS on more than 100 cryptocurrency pages as we continuing to support our community’s needs with best-in-class data.”

Wade Anderson, VP Product of TheStreet, added, “We have seen strong and growing interest in cryptocurrency content along with a demand for more intelligent approaches to investing in this new asset class. Not only does FCAS provide valuable data, but it also connects investors to additional tools to analyzing their portfolios, which in turn helps us deliver on our mission to provide performance-driven information for serious investors.”

Flipside Crypto was founded in 2017 by veteran entrepreneurs Dave Balter, Eric Stone and Jim Myers.  The team previously built Smarterer, a machine-learning skill assessment platform that was acquired in 2014 by Pluralsight.  Flipside Crypto is venture backed by Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, True Ventures, Castle Island and other investors.

“Our customers are thirsty for additional information for evaluating cryptocurrencies,” said Dan Shar, GM of MarketWatch. “It was an obvious win to provide FCAS data on our cryptocurrency pages, as a way to support more effective investing decisions.”