Connecticut is Going Post-Fintech

Note from the Publisher:  Connecticut is a nice enough state and we happen to have several friends who live there, but for whatever reason, we freuqently discuss, well, the state of this state.  First, they lost GE to Boston-yikes!!  Now we love Boston, too, but again, it’s not like Boston has a lower cost of living than Connecticut, and we of course read all about the reasons GE left, but still.  Then there’s a bunch of hedge funds heading south to Florida because there’s no state income tax down there and it’s a whole lot nicer in the winter.  But we’ve not seen a term like this before – “post-financial technology” – but that is what they are dealing with as they grapple to reinvent themselves, diversify and attract new business while retaining all the jobs they can.  They’re in an interesting dilemma. 

“Picture an ecosystem that is healthy and sustainable because the organisms living in the environment interact and rely on one another. The question is, can Fairfield County nurture a technology ecosystem of its government partners, universities, innovation centers and small and large technology firms?

………(B)usiness Council CEO Chris Bruhl is optimistic about the county’s reinvention after the Great Recession mauled high-paying finance jobs. ‘After 2008, there’s been a post-financial technology sector and there’s been a revitalizing of fashion, tourism and health care. Fairfield County is the new black. It’s happening to be in Fairfield County now with NBC Sports and Blue Sky, NBC Universal. There’s digitally produced and distributed content. There’s been e-commerce diversification.'”

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