Could Blockchain Hold the Key to Secure Personal Identities?

“Blockchain and dynamic biometrics could be the future of identity management, providing a common standard is reached, a security expert believes.

Speaking on the use of blockchain technology for identity management, John Erik Setsaas, senior development architect at identity and digital signature firm Signicat, told delegates at Trust in the Digital World conference in The Hague that the technology presented the possibility for a single, secure, lifelong identity profile.

‘Typically when you go into a discussion around blockchain, people start messing round with Bitcoin and blockchain as if it’s the same thing … Bitcoin is one usage of the blockchain, it’s one application … [it] is a generic technology that can be used for a lot of things,’ said Setsaas.

‘We tend to talk about it in the singular, like there is only one blockchain … But it’s the technology, it’s database technology, it’s a way of organising your data. Anybody could set up that way of organising your data.'”

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