Courtiers switches on digital wealth management with InvestCloud

Global FinTech firm deploys Courtiers client portal as UK wealth manager transitions to all-digital proposition

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — InvestCloud Inc., a global FinTech firm, has designed, built and deployed a digital client platform for UK wealth management firm Courtiers. Using the InvestCloud digital platform, Courtiers aims to go completely digital with all clients and advisers using online services.

Founded over 30 years ago and with an array of successful acquisitions under its belt since 2008, Courtiers has around £750 million in assets under management (AUM). The firm recently acquired two additional wealth management businesses.

The new platform from InvestCloud features a secure client portal offering comprehensive client communication and reporting capabilities. Courtiers initially launched the new system with a select number of clients and following full release in early August 2018, has since transitioned around a third of its client base to this service.

Using the InvestCloud digital platform, Courtiers is creating a digital-first proposition with all new clients serviced digitally from the outset, while advisers go paperless.

Jamie Shepperd, CEO at Courtiers, said: “Courtiers is growing at an incredible rate, as our most recent acquisitions demonstrate. To continue to be relevant and build relationships with all generations of investors, we must embrace the digital revolution. Working with InvestCloud, our new platform can ensure Courtiers remains front and center for all financial advice needs amidst the changing trends, habits and behaviours of the world we live in.”

The integrated InvestCloud offering means that Courtiers also utilizes the InvestCloud Digital Warehouse, which aggregates data from multiple systems and custodians to provide a single version of the integrated truth. This integrated information includes all manner of structured and unstructured data – external news, social media and documents, alongside market and portfolio data.”

John Wise, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman at InvestCloud, said: “Courtiers is a great fit for InvestCloud. Its recent acquisitions show that this is an ambitious wealth management business, and its keenness on adopting greater digital capabilities shows that it is actively preparing for the future. By working closely with the Courtiers team, we are ensuring that they are ready to cater to the next generation of investors.”

Wise added: “With a $30 trillion generational wealth transfer up for grabs, the digital revolution has arrived in the investment sector. We have already seen the evidence with major banks creating whole new digital advice services. Those who respond effectively to clients’ needs – by providing an intuitive, involving and individualized digital services that are available any time, any place and from any device – are those that will win.”