Open-Sourced Quant Strategy Gets $15M Allocation from CloudQuant


Now here is a very cool FINTECHX2 (that’s new!) application where a quant trader has developed a strategy using crowd-sourced (a/k/a open-sourced) research for the strategy development.  The strategy was then back-tested on the new CloudQuant platform, which is a subsidiary of prop trading firm Kershner Trading Group, and leased from the developer with a $15M allocation.  The developer will receive 10% of the net profits from the leased strategy.  

We have a longtime trader from the Chicago floors in our household, so we LOVE this new platform!  Proving that your backtesting is actually viable is always tricky when you take a new strategy to market (we know from firsthand experience) and this platform allows traders to use the CloudQuant platform to model and backtest their strategy with their proprietary technology for free.  The firm will then invest with traders whose strategies prove viable.  Love it!
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– CloudQuant, the trading strategy incubator, has launched its crowd research platform by licensing and allocating $15 Million (USD) to a trading algorithm. The algorithm licensor will receive a direct share of the strategy’s monthly net trading profits.

The crowd researcher leveraged our free market simulation and python data science tools to build an effective trading strategy. The strategy began trading immediately upon approval of the licensing agreement.

“We are excited to launch CloudQuant. The launch represents the first significant funding of a crowd-based quantitative analyst thereby proving the opportunity for independent data scientists and market enthusiast to join the ranks of institutional algorithmic traders,” said Morgan Slade, CEO.

CloudQuant provides research, backtesting tools, and execution technology conceived and developed by proprietary traders over the last 20 years in its parent company, Kershner Trading Group.

About Us

CloudQuant is the trading strategy incubator for data scientists and traders around the world to create and test trading strategies. Proven strategies are individually licensed from the owner, provided trading capital and an execution team. Algo creators are paid a monthly licensing fee from the net profits similar to a professional portfolio manager. CloudQuant offers a mutually beneficial profit sharing license enabling both parties to profit.

CloudQuant LLC, established in 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kershner Trading Group LLC.


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