FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – Juno Biomedical, Inc.

Crowdfunding is a major “new” way to participate in funding startups that came about with the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012.  Now there are literally hundreds of crowdfunding sites, so it can be an intimidating process to understand where to go or how to invest in these, and determine what may be a “safe” investment and what may not.  Also, as a wealth manager or alternative investment manager, there has to be fiduciary responsibility if looking into these as part of a portfolio.  FintekNews does not claim to endorse any crowdfunding deals, but we will continue to present you with ideas on this topic from time to time, and today this deal for a new stroke treatment from Juno Biomedical on Fundable jumped out at us.  In this case, the fundraising mechanism has been disabled on the homepage and requires registration for accredited investors to proceed.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“For all the incredible breakthroughs technology has brought to the world of medicine, stroke treatment is one area that’s been left behind – until now.

With key support secured and non-clinical trials complete, the time has come to move forward with clinical trials – and to get stroke victims back to independence!

It can also be implemented months after a stroke, instead of only immediately after as with other options.

What a heart attack is to the heart, a stroke is to the brain.  What starts with poor diet, lack of exercise, or even just a genetic predisposition leads to the formation of a clot – creating a blockage of artery and cutting off blood and oxygen to the brain.  This causes cells and parts the brain itself to die, which leaves behind disfigurement, loss of mobility, and loss of specific bodily movement in patients.  Stroke is without a doubt a terrible affliction, and one that so many suffer from.  It remains the #1 cause of long-term disability in the US; and as technology has us leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, is only becoming more common.

Furthermore, increases in average human life expectancy means brains are living longer too – leading to more occurrences….

There’s a substantial market and medical need for therapies that do more than just treat symptoms; and at Juno Biomedical, Inc. we’re taking full advantage.  Our newest innovation, CELLTech™, offers a way to repair damaged neurological tissue without the need for exogenous stem cell transplantations.  It’s a wearable neuromodulation device with the ability to selectively guide stem cells to damaged tissue.  The key to the CELLTech™ solution is the careful refinement of microcurrents – which, after administration, draw new cells to the ischemic stroke region….”

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