The Crowdfunders are coming, the Crowdfunders are coming!

No one can deny that the entire crowdfunding movement has emerged as an incredible means for financing new ventures, and is an unbelievably important new investing tool as well.  Still, there is so  much more that can be accomplished with this new financial technology, including the meaningful development of much  more community-based investing.  In fact, we reported on this previously when North Carolina passed a “local public offering” law – the NC Paces Act – providing incentives for North Carolinans to invest in in-state crowdfund offerings.  Now a new organization has emerged with the directive to do the same but on a much larger scale – the National Coalition for Community Capital.  We applaud the initiative.
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’
-Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

This quote is often used to nudge small groups of activists into increased optimism. To remind us that sweeping movements have been launched by a mere handful of committed and visionary people. Rewards-based crowdfunding has taken off, thanks to the vision of its early advocates and users, but the comparatively small movement of crowdinvesting is still driven by an optimistic few.

So how can we turn the “outsiders” into crowdfunding insiders?

A new group of thoughtful, committed citizens has emerged, once again seeking to launch a movement. It too is focused on crowdfunding, specifically on the new state and national exemptions that invite citizens to share ownership, share risk, balance wealth, and build more equitable access to capital. This group views crowdinvesting as a new tool to create not only business capital and investor gains, but a third outcome: community value. Thus, the term community capital has been coined, and is used as the movement’s currency.

In this article, we announce the launch of a new national nonprofit. It is designed to help fill the many holes in the emerging crowdinvesting ecosystem within states and across the nation. It will be a source of knowledge, data, programming, advocacy, and vision. Its work will be shaped by two drivers: identified focus areas, and the needs of stakeholder groups. Please welcome the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3)!…”

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