Crowdfunding A Speakeasy

FintekNews friends, we’re a bit obsessed with crowdfunding lately, so we’re featuring another interesting deal today, but it actually came to us by error.  As we were trolling around Crowdfundinsider, we saw a deal there called “Sam Lee Laundry”.  Now that caught our eye because a very wonderful friend, also named Sam Lee, introduced my husband and I to one another a scant 23 years ago.  So, I clicked on that tombstone which took me to the crowdfunding website Wefunder – but to a completely different and unrelated deal – a theatrical production called “The Speakeasy”. 

What is SO interesting about crowdfunding is that the deals are just so incredibly diverse.  We featured a commercial jet deal a few weeks back, and yesterday we featured a website named Everipedia, and now today, “The Speakeasy” theatrical production.

According to their listing on WeFunder…..”We’ve created a totally unique immersive theatre experience that’s part nightclub, part stage show, and part time-machine as you step inside our authentically recreated Prohibition-era saloon. Grab a drink and follow the actors as they move through the many rooms of The Speakeasy, playing out 35 interlocking storylines. It’s a real-life “choose your own adventure” novel with surprises around every corner. We’ve already produced our proof-of-concept version, and now we’re scaling up.”

To date, they’ve raised $2.4M from 44+ investors, toward a $3 million goal.  Quite an interesting story.

Read Full Listing at WeFunder